After bariatric surgery, you will be discharged with specific instructions as to the medications that you need to take.

  • Some of the medications may be prescribed for a few months while others would have to be taken for a life time.
  • The diagnosis and treatment of an ulcer is considered to be very difficult after bariatric surgery. Hence, your doctor may advice you not to take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) as they increase the risk of developing ulcers.
  • After bariatric surgery, your digestive system will not be able to absorb a pill as a whole. You will be advised to crush tablets or open up capsules before taking them.
  • You will be advised to take your regular medications for other conditions, which you have been taking before surgery. However, please consult your doctor for the correct dose.
  • You advised to consult your healthcare specialist before starting any new medication.
  • Along with your medication, you will be prescribed various vitamin and mineral supplements to prevent nutritional deficits following your
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