John Kelleher

My name is John Kelleher I am 59 years of age I had to retire 6 years ago due to ill health, a heart attack, quadruple bypass surgery, and a stroke, all in a short period of time. I am also a type 2 diabetic for the last couple of years. I have struggled with my weight and during this period. I lost control of my diabetes which caused all sorts of other problems. My GP must have thought I was stalking him because every time he turned around I was there.

It was suggested I meet with Professor Brendan Buckley and after a long chat he indicated that my problems could be looked at differently and suggested I meet with Colm O Boyle. It was the best days work I ever did. It was decided that surgical intervention was needed. I had my gastric bypass in late February 2011. I am 17 months down the road and have lost 7 stone my BMI was 41.3 Weight was 140.6kg now BMI is 29.9 and weight is 101.1kg [waste was 50”+ now 40” neck 22”now16”].

This procedure has turned my life around for the better I am only sorry we didn’t go down this rout earlier.

My thanks to Mr O Boyle, Diarmuid, Catriona and all the rest of the team.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary based on each patient’s physical health.

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